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00:50 - 01:00 View Closing and Next Day's Highlights
Robert A. Fisher, United States
Final Remark
Peter Cowan, Australia
Final Remarks

Live Discussion Room

01:00 - 01:30 View The Who is Who of the CTRMS-YIC - Goals and Plans
Chika Takano, Japan

DAY 3: Introduction, Plenary and Oral Abstract Sessions

13:00 - 14:35 View IXA-CTRMS Honorary Awards Session
Ewa Ellis, Sweden
Leo Hans Buhler, Switzerland
Introduction of the Keith Reemtsma Awardee
David K.C. Cooper, United States
Keith Reemtsma Lecture: You cannot stay in the laboratory for ever
Camillo Ricordi, United States
Introduction of the Ricordi Awardee
Douglas A. Melton, United States
Ricordi Lecture: Using stem cells to make islet for diabetics
Burcin Ekser, United States
Introduction of the IXA Honorary Awardee
Emanuele Cozzi, Italy
IXA Honorary Lecture
14:35 - 15:45 View Oral Abstracts Session: Enabling Technologies in Transplantation
Chika Takano, Japan
Inhibition of epithelial mesenchymal transition maintains stemness in human amniotic epithelial cells
Ray Hickey, United States
Development of a novel rat bioreactor to facilitate manufacture of human hepatocyte cell therapies for the treatment of patients with severe liver diseases
Lilia Carolina L Leon-Moreno, Mexico
Quality control for human endometrial derived mesenchymal stem cells expansion and cryopreservation
Erin Duggan, United States
In vivo tracking of donor cell-expanded Tregs for the enhancement of xenogeneic hematopoietic stem cell engraftment and tolerance of delayed solid organ xenograft across the pig-to-baboon barrier
Konrad Fischer, Germany
Immunological characterisation of multi-knockout pigs
Hidetaka Hara, United States
Development of natural anti-pig antibodies in infant baboons and humans
Maria Kokkinaki, United States
Human transgene expression might indicate the outcome of xeno heart transplantation

Oral Abstract Sessions

15:50 - 17:05 View Cell and Tissue Transplantation: Allo & Xeno
Chelsea Griffiths, United Kingdom
Evaluating the immunomodulatory properties of human placenta amniotic epithelial cells as a therapeutic in ex vivo lung reconditioning
William Scott III, United Kingdom
Q&A discussion in replacement for Chelsea Griffiths
Robert Ramm, Germany
GGTA1-KO pigs may serve as a “humanized” large animal model for xenogenic cardiovascular implant testing
Shreyas Kuddannaya, United States
In Vivo Imaging of Allografted Glial-Restricted Progenitor Cell Survival and Hydrogel Scaffold Biodegradation
Christopher G McGregor, United States
Biological equivalence of GGTA-1 glycosyltransferase knockout and standard porcine pericardial tissue using 90-day mitral valve implantation in adolescent sheep
Paul Holzer, United States
Long-term immunological response to viable xenogeneic nerve transplants in non-human primates – a preclinical study
Linda Scobie, United Kingdom
Lack of evidence of micro-chimerism and porcine endogenous retrovirus following reconstruction of large-gap peripheral nerve defects with porcine nerve transplant in non-human primates
Kevin J. Lopez, United States
Preserving the corneoscleral limbus decreases the efficiency of porcine corneal decellularization and reduces the damage
15:50 - 17:05 View Enabling Methods/Technologies in Transplantation
Kyungmin Kwak, Korea
Comparison of islet isolation result and clinical applicability according to GMP-grade collagenase enzyme blend in adult porcine islet isolation and culture
Giuseppe Pettinato, United States
Noninvasive Monitoring of Liver Organoid Differentiation with Raman Spectroscopy
Paul Wang, United States
Desktop 19F MRI scanner for making oxygen measurements within islet macroencapsulation devices in vivo
Carmen Gonelle-Gispert, Switzerland
Platelet-derived TGFβ1: Assessment of its role in liver regeneration in mice
Beate Rieblinger, Germany
Strategies for precise placement of xenoprotective transgenes
Anthony Calhoun, United States
Ischemia minimization reduces cardiac xenograft injury during ex vivo xenoperfusion after cold pre-perfusion
Elisabeth Neumann, Germany
Medical training of baboons after orthotopic cardiac xenotransplantation

Parallel Sessions

17:10 - 18:15 View Gene Editing to Hide Grafts From the Immune System
Sonja Schrepfer, United States
Generation of hypoimmunogenic human iPSCs
Reinhard Schwinzer, Germany
The compatible porcine donor – deletion or modification of SLA
Chris Burlak, United States
Carbohydrate Xenoantigens: The triple KO pig and beyond
17:10 - 18:15 View Cellular Strategies to Prevent Graft Rejection
Xunrong Luo, United States
Tolerance induction using apoptotic donor cells
Elmar Jaeckel, Germany
Regulation of the immune response using CAR Tregs
Norma Sue Kenyon, United States
Stem cells and nonhuman islets
18:15 - 18:30 View Congress Closing Remarks